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The Blickensderfer Company started in 1892 with hopes of going up against Remington, introducing an innovative “typewheel,” which replaced the typical myriad of hammers for individual letters. Blickensderfers became known for their portability, and were dubbed “The Five-Pound Secretary.” Model No.8 hit the market in 1907, and was Blickensderfer’s most successful typewriter to date. Apparently, the biggest wow-factor of the No.8 was its ability to backspace. Production ended at the outbreak of World War I, when Blickensderfer joined the cause and temporarily converted to munitions manufacturing for the United States.

Our Blickensderfer No.8 features a “universal” (QWERTY) key configuration and comes with its original oak case. This particular typewriter does not have a tabulator. While the typing mechanism remains in excellent shape, our typewriter has a few condition issues: a small hole in the top of the case about the size of a dime, no handle on the case, and the bell spring needs to be replaced.

Due to its age, we wouldn’t recommend using this typewriter as a workhorse, but rather for its uniqueness and collectibility.


Blickensderfer No.8Blickensderfer No.8 KeyboardBlickensderfer No.8 case lid.Hole in Blickensderfer No.8 lidBack corner of Blickensderfer No.8 case lid

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