Copperfield’s is the perfect place to go in search of gifts for the friends, family, and acquaintances in your life. Regardless of the occasion or the recipient, Copperfield’s offers such a variety of items that you should be able to find a gift you will be pleased to give. Follow the links to the left to see a selection of the different kinds of gifts that are available in our store.

For Acquaintances & Coworkers: Visit our Candles section for a description of our various candle and diffuser lines, our Jewelry & Keepsakes section for vintage and antique items, or our Oddities section for the person who has everything.

For Loved Ones: Visit Him & Her for ideas for men or women recipients, Candles are popular with men and women as well, or the Oddities section will give you an idea of some of our selection of the unique and weird.

For Kids: The Toys section will give you a taste of the wide variety of items for kids available in the store, including several imported and organic lines.

For Baby Showers and New Parents: Take a look at our Gifts for Baby section for a sampling of the toys, teethers, clothes, and more that we offer for baby gifts.

For the Person Who Has Everything: Our Oddities section is definitely the place to look, but also visit our Jewelry & Keepsakes section for a taste of the vintage and antique selection we offer. Be sure to visit the Rarities and Follies sections of our website for even more information as well!

We also offer amazing gift certificates in denominations of $10, $25, $50, and $100. These beautiful, hand-made certificates really make a statement! Many people like to keep their gift certificates as souvenirs after they’ve used them up!

Keep in mind that our website only offers an idea of what we have in-store—be sure to come in and look around for the full experience!

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