Sometimes you have to get a gift either for that person who has everything, or someone with “different” tastes. In these times, the conventional gifts just won’t do, so you come to Copperfield’s looking for something weird enough to be appropriate! Luckily, we love the odd and the interesting, so there’s a good chance that you will be able to find something in our store that you can give with pride to that special—and different—kind of person.

One of our favorite “oddities” is our line of mounted and framed insects from around the world by Pheromone Design. Headed by artist Christopher Marley, Pheromone collects stunning insects from around the globe and presents them in museum-quality mounted settings. We stock framed singles, which are absolutely gorgeous to behold!

We also love maps and do our best to keep vintage and antique framed maps on hand in our store (keeping them in stock is not always easy to do!). We especially like the old maps because they’re not quite correct, according to our modern, satellite-assisted standards. One favorite genre of maps that our buyers are on the lookout for is the California-as-island map. At one point in time, California’s southern Peninsula, Baja California, led explorers and cartographers to believe that California was an island, and so many maps from the 17th c. depict it in this way. Because of the fun history, as well as its visual qualities, an antique map is a great gift for someone who has everything, especially if it’s a little quirky!

Also in stock at Copperfield’s is a myriad of knick-knacks, ornaments, and baubles—beautiful and at times baffling! We have antique safe banks and other kinds of coin banks, glass paperweights, painted figurines, vintage glass and ceramic power-line insulators (they make great paperweights!), just to name a few of the items in our store. Just browsing through our knick-knacks with that person in your mind will often result in brilliant gift ideas!

Be sure to check out the other sections of our website, as well, especially our Rarities and Follies sections, for more gift ideas that are off the beaten path!

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