There is something special about a physical book, and we here at Copperfield’s are genuine bibliophiles. Our book collection is an assemblage of the interesting, the bizarre, and the collectible.

Most of our books are not expensive, but all are of some interest or another. Subject-matter is important to us, and we try to hunt down the most interesting used, vintage, and antique books we can find. Our book section is organized under the following topics:

• Architecture
• Biography, Autobiography & Memoir
• Cooking
• Drama
• Kids & Young Adult
• Local & California
• Music
• Nonfiction
• Novels & Short Stories
• Oversized & Coffee Table
• Photography
• Poetry
• Religion
• Science
• Travel & Geography
• Western United States & Native American

If you are looking for a specific book, or a book on a specific subject, please feel free to email us an inquiry!

In addition to interesting subject-matter, we are always on the lookout for collectible books, such as signed, inscribed, first and/or rare editions. If you ever come in to our store to browse the books, be sure to check if any you are looking at are signed!

Copperfield’s also offers many books with interesting histories. We have acquired several books that were once in the libraries of people like Thornhill Broome (famous Southern California businessman), Ida M. Huntington (children’s author), and Jack Cordes (the “First Fan” of Science Fiction). Most of these, and many other books we have in stock, are what are called “association copies.”

Whether collectible or not, we proudly use Brodart archival film to cover and protect all dust jackets, as well as any books we deem too delicate to be out on the shelves unprotected.

Along with these kinds of books, many of our books just look nice. If you are looking for a special or fancy edition of a classic, or just want a few handsome-looking books for your shelf, you must come into Copperfield’s and see what is on offer!

Do you have interesting books you’d like to sell us? Or a collection of books? Please check out our information page for potential sellers.

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