The world of the handwritten note seems in our era of instant communication one that is long-lost, of another time. At Copperfield’s, however, you’ll find that the art of the written note is held in high regard, and the elegance of social stationery something to be treasured.

Handwritten communications offer so many more opportunities for personal expression than email, instant messaging, or texting, from your own unique style of handwriting, to the stationery or notecard you choose, to the pen and ink you use to write your missive. We at Copperfield’s appreciate this avenue of expression, and seek to offer an array of items that enable you to communicate in a meaningful and sophisticated manner.

Our notecard and stationery vendors are carefully selected for the store based upon the creativity and appeal of the designs, as well as the quality of the paper products. Copperfield’s offers paper products from around the world, from Ventura County to Florence, Italy.

Notecards. Copperfield’s has on offer a dizzying array of notecards for almost every occasion, as well as boxed sets of blank and thank-you notes. A large number of our individual notecards are letterpressed on heavy paper, and all are finely crafted, with unique and witty designs. We sell cards by Cartolina, Tokyomilk, Old Tom Foolery, Egg Press, and many others. One of our most popular lines is the New Yorker line, each card featuring a hilarious cartoon from the New Yorker.

Social Stationery. We have a beautiful selection of stationery sets from Rossi that are simply stunning. Many feature Florentine designs and gold accents, all on high quality paper. We also offer sets from Amatruda, one of the oldest paper mills in Italy, dating back to the fifteenth century. Amatruda’s paper is a high-quality rag paper—it must be felt to be believed. Our stationery sets come in various sizes. Come in to the store to see what’s right for you!

Wrap. In addition to writing papers and notecards, we also offer individual sheets of high-quality wrapping paper from Rossi, Cavallini, and others. We pick only the most whimsical designs, and only of the highest quality! When used to wrap gifts, these papers deliver stunning results. Many of our customers also use these papers in other ways, such as framing as art, lining drawers or shelves, various craft applications, and even wallpapering rooms! At any given time, we have at least 66 designs on display in the store. What would you do with a sheet or two?

Other Products. Copperfield’s also offers several other items that could fall under the category of “Stationery,” including fountain pens and ink, rubber stamps and stamp pads, a wide variety of journals, postcards, and much more.

Our stationery inventory includes the following:
• Leather, hardcover, and paper-bound journals
• Pocket-sized notebooks from Field Notes, Cartolina, Graphique de France, and others
• Hilarious yet useful notepads, sticky notes, journals, and more from Knock Knock
• Fountain and ballpoint pens and ink cartridges and bottles
• Invitations
• Ribbon in various colors and sizes
• Paper tape in various designs
• Decorative file folders
• Gift tags, enclosures, and to/from cards
• Boxed note sets
• Social stationery in boxes and wallets
• Art pads

If you are a stationery fan like we are, you must come in and take a look at what we’ve got!

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