Part of what Copperfield’s does is to collect art to display on and sell off of our lovely brick walls. Although we have in stock several pieces by collected artists, our mission is to sell not only the collectible, but the interesting and cool, as well. As a result, most of our hanging art is surprisingly affordable, some pieces as low as ten dollars!

Copperfield’s has all kinds of framed art, and our walls are filled with it, all for sale! Unfortunately, there are so many interesting things to look at at eye level, that we often have to remind our browsers to look up! There is a whole other half a store above you! Once you look up, you’ll see oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, posters, prints, serigraphs, charcoal drawings, etchings, lithographs, and more!

The age of our pieces ranges from the antique to the contemporary. Often, we don’t know much about a given piece, unless its artist is well-known, but please always feel welcome to ask an associate if anything is known about the particular item you are interested in! We are also happy to get anything down off the wall so that you may inspect it more closely. Please just ask!

We also have our eyes constantly peeled for sculptures and other three-dimensional art. You will find small pieces scattered throughout the store. We especially love interesting stone-carved pieces, blown-glass sculptures, as well as ceramics. We are constantly buying and selling, so check back often in order to catch the best stuff!

We are proud to work with and feature local artists in our store. Please click over to our Local page to learn more!

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