Have you ever liked something simply for its quirkiness, or have you ever had trouble finding a gift for someone who just seems to have everything? Copperfield’s offers for sale many fine gifts that fall into this category of not technically being “useful,” but certainly of precious value.

Perhaps our most beloved folly on offer is the Ray Gun. Our ray guns are crafted by Weta Workshop of New Zealand, the company that is behind the props of Peter Jackson films such as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings movies. As a side project, Weta designed a line of ray guns that are simply amazing, vividly recalling the sci-fi weapons of yesteryear. The most common question asked about our ray guns: “Do they work?” Well, it depends upon what is meant by “work.” They certainly do, if their function is to spark the imagination and bring smiles to people’s faces!

Another gold mine for follies are inventions of the past that either have been rendered obsolete by succeeding technologies or simply were never accepted into the mainstream. An obvious example of “obsolete technology” is the venerable typewriter. Copperfield’s regularly keeps typewriters on hand for sale, and often they are of interesting or rare design. Typewriters are certainly one of our most popular follies.

Perhaps of more interest are the technologies and inventions that never “made it” to the mainstream, or at least did not make it for very long. One such item we have on hand is Davis & Kidder’s Patent Magneto-Electric Machine for Nervous Diseases—hold the handles, have a friend crank the machine, and experience a, ahem, “healing” current of electricity course through your body!

Also on our list of obsolete offerings is our Boneshaker highwheel bicycle. Newly made but long out of style, this bicycle was all the rage for a brief period of time in the 19th century, until more sensible models appeared.

Most of our follies are one-offs, so as they sell they are replaced by new and different ones. That means our store is a repository of the ridiculous and the wonderful that can be re-visited again and again for new and interesting shopping experiences! So be sure to come check it out on a regular basis!

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