Candles bring with them many associations: the romantic and mysterious, the wild and the verdant. Because the sense of smell evokes so many feelings and images, the simple candle is often an excellent gift choice. An excellent candle reveals an enticing aroma as its wax melts, is not too smoky, is presented in a sophisticated manner, and does not contain animal products. Copperfield’s offers an array of candles to pique the interest and entice the senses, with a selection that meets and exceeds these criteria. Read the descriptions of the lines we offer below to find the perfect candle for that special someone:

Apothecary, by Paddywax. Distinctive fragrance blends offered in Old-World style glass bottles and small gold tins reminiscent of old-fashioned pillboxes. These smells will draw you in with their ingenious fragrance combinations. You will want to buy one for yourself, as well as for your friend! Offered in eight fragrance combinations in soy wax in travel tin or large size:
• Amber & Smoke
• Chamomile & Fig
• Geranium & Basil
• Rosemary & Thyme
• Tamarind & Orange
• Tobacco & Patchouli
• Verbena & Eucalyptus
• Vetiver & Cardamom

Library, by Paddywax. This collection represents imaginative fragrance pairings named in honor of a selection of literary greats. When you smell the scent of each candle, you will immediately see why it was named after its author! Six soy wax offerings, plus one seasonal candle for Christmas, available in travel tin or large size (also available as oil diffusers):
• Edgar Allan Poe: Cardamom, Absinthe, Sandalwood
• Emily Dickinson: Lavender, Cassis
• Jane Austen: Gardenia, Tuberose, Jasmine
• Leo Tolstoy: Black Plum, Persimmon, Oakmoss
• Mark Twain: Tobacco Flower, Vanilla
• Oscar Wilde: Cedarwood, Thyme, Basil
• Charles Dickens: Tangerine, Juniper, Clove (available at Christmas-time)

Patch NYC Collection, by Soap & Paper Factory. The Patch NYC Collection is a vintage-inspired project that combines artisan-scented candles with darkly whimsical artistic touches from Patch NYC. These soy candles go perfectly with our store, with their odd design and absolutely compelling scents, which are also available as wearable solid fragrances—popular with men and women alike! Twelve amazing fragrances in votive and large-sized soy wax candles:
• Bear: Sweet Jasmine, Violet, Cedar, Amber Wood
• Beetle: Geranium, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang
• Boot: Sandalwood, Frankincense, Cedar, Amber
• Fedora: Citrus, Vetiver, Nutmeg, Patchouli
• Owl: Sandalwood, Tobacco, Vetiver
• Pipe: Vanilla, Bourbon, Cognac, Tobacco, Patchouli
• Serpent: Petitgrain, Hay Absolute, Geranium
• Ship: Cedarwood, Vetiver, Geranium
• Skull: Black Tea, Anise, Basil, Citrus
• Stag: Siberian Fir, Cilantro, Citrus, Raspberry
• Swallow: Orange Blossom, Rosewood, Cyclamen, Oakmoss
• Whale: L’Orange, Patchouli, Basil, Jasmine

Pure Collection, by Skeem Design. Classic pillars and tapers, but with sides silkscreened with interesting designs and motifs! These beautiful candles add a touch of sophistication and whimsy to any home. Pillars are packaged in beautifully-printed kraft paper, and tapers in elegant boxes. Six soy-wax options:
• Blood Orange, with honeybee motif
• Dune Sage, with songbird motif
• Lilac Dandelion, with blooming floral motif
• Night Jasmine, with feather & egg motif
• Sweet Pea Vanilla, with butterfly motif
• Tea Leaf, with Paris ephemera motif

Roland Pine, by Soap & Paper Factory. One of S&PF’s most popular products, this soy wax candle exhibits one of the most beautiful pine scents you will ever smell, short of being in an actual pine forest! Large soy wax candle. Fragrance notes: Siberian Fir, Cilantro, Citrus.

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