Copperfield’s offers to the public a selection of the old and new from every corner of the globe. Our shop of curiosities features not only high-quality new gifts, but a dizzying array of old, vintage, antique, and collectible items as well. We buy our unusual wares from a multitude of sources: auctions, estate sales, swap meets, thrift stores, and even yard sales. Copperfield’s also buys from individuals directly.

If you are interested in selling something you think would fit our store well, please continue reading. If you are a vendor, wholesaler, or sales representative and you would like to tell us about your product, please email us, rather than following the directions below.

Copperfield’s does not sell on consignment.

What We Are Interested In
While Copperfield’s is very eclectic, as a potential seller it is important to have an idea of what Copperfield’s buyers might be looking for (and what they aren’t looking for). Generally, the most desirable traits in an item are: age, uniqueness and/or weirdness, condition. For example, an old book that is a first edition by a famous author and is in good condition will have a high probability of being of interest to our buyers, as opposed to an old book that is torn or soiled and not of collectible interest.

The following is a list of items we have offered for sale in our store that gives a good sense of the kind of things we like to sell: signed books, Native American peace pipe, British Army marching drum, black-powder pistol, opera glasses, vintage kaleidoscope, antique compass, cameo brooches, antique rocking horse, ceremonial war club, antique opium scales, vintage tandem bicycle, ship’s wheel.

This is a general list of the kinds of items we sell: framed art (oil paintings, watercolors, etchings, photographs, prints, etc.), antique furniture, collectible ceramics and porcelains, toys, curios, books (including library/bulk purchasing).

Four Things to Keep in Mind
1. We are a retail store. This means we need to be able to buy at wholesale prices. For this and a variety of other reasons, you should not expect Copperfield’s to pay you an amount you saw a similar item sell for elsewhere, such as on eBay.

2. You must provide all necessary information. You will be required to fill out a sales proposal form completely, including the amount you are asking for each item. We will not consider incomplete proposals.

3. We will need time to evaluate your offer. Please allow as much as a week for us to consider your proposal and to do our own research on the offered item(s).

4. We obey the law. We do our best to make sure that we do not buy any stolen items. Therefore, you will be required to present your government-issued photo ID along with your proposal, and to certify that you are legally permitted to sell the items you are offering.

The Process
The process of selling to Copperfield’s involves several steps. If you are not sure your item is something in which Copperfield’s buyers would be interested, you may always send an initial email with photos in order to gauge their interest to

After determining whether your items are a good fit for Copperfield’s, fill out the Sale Proposal Form and sign at the appropriate lines. Please remember that Copperfield’s will not accept a Sales Proposal that is incomplete (e.g., missing the asking price).

Click here to download a Sale Proposal Form to print out. Forms and printed instructions are also available in the store—ask a store employee for more information.

The next step is typically to bring your items for sale, along with your Sale Proposal, into our store in downtown Ventura. If there is a special situation that prevents you from bringing your item in, please email us to make alternative arrangements.

After verifying your identity by checking your government-issued ID, our staff will then take your items and Sale Proposal for the buyers to consider. Please note that our buyers are not in-store on a regular basis, and any meetings will have to be by appointment only. You may email us if you want to schedule a meeting.

After a couple days to up to a week, Copperfield’s will contact you regarding your Proposal. If for some reason you do not hear back from us after a week, please feel free to contact us by emailing or calling the store.

When we call, it will be either to let you know you can pick up your items, or pick up a check for payment. Please note that we do not ship items back to you, and we only pay by check.

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